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ISO 28000:2007 - Security Management System for Supply chain

Holding an ISO 28000 certification demonstrates that you manage supply chain risks effectively with an ISO 28000 Supply Chain Security Management. ISO 28000:2007 System can include only the products and services that your business needs to reduce risk to the supply chain and streamline your operations. Means of certification to this internationally recognized standard can help you achieve customer trust, meet regulatory requirements and streamline your supply chain operations.

UICL understands all these issues and can perform the necessary assessment /Improvement to help you achieve ISO 28000:2007 Certification.


Our Expertise

UICL can help every client in the industry to meet the highest standards of security management for supply chain.

Our Unique features:

  • Cost Effective services.
  • Our certificates can be verified Online on website.
  • Cheapest rate with best services.
  • Fast and Reliable Services
  • Valid in tenders & Supplier Evaluation
  • Valid National & International Level

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