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GLOBALGAP Certification

GLOBALGAP is an internationally recognized standard for farms dedicated to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). Through certification, producers of unit demonstrate their compliance to GLOBALGAP standards. For consumers, clients and retailers, the GLOBALGAP certification is reassurance that food reaches accepted levels of safety and quality, and has been produced sustainably, respecting the health, safety and welfare of workers, the environment, and in consideration of animal welfare issues. Without such reassurance, farmers may be denied access to markets. Being able to show a commitment to good agricultural/fish farming practices with GLOBALGAP certification has become necessary for accessing the market. UICL  understands all these issues and can perform the necessary assessment /Improvement to help you achieve GLOBALGAP Certification.


Our Expertise

UICL can help every client in the industry to meet the highest standards of food Safety and Environmental compliance.

Our Unique features:

  • Cost Effective services.
  • Our certificates can be verified Online on website.
  • Cheapest rate with best services.
  • Fast and Reliable Services
  • Valid in tenders & Supplier Evaluation
  • Valid National & International Level

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